Powered by next generation infrared imaging, InVision helps clinicians visualize lymph nodes in high contrast in real-time without any injection or radiation. 

Introducing InVision

Enhance the efficiency and accuracy of lymph node grossing in your lab without changing any workflow.

Key Benefits

Find more lymph nodes - including treated cases

In our case studies with key opinion leaders, InVision was able to help retrieve 50% - 200% more lymph nodes in treated cancer cases.

Save material costs


InVision eliminates the need to submit adipose tissue - substantially saving cost for histology processing.

Eliminating re-grossing


InVision can help eliminate re-grossing  - drastically improving the efficiency in gross rooms.

Facilitate surgery/ pathology collaboration

By increasing lymph node yields, InVision helps resolve frictions between surgery and pathology.

Save time for PAs, residents, histo-techs and pathologists

InVision helps PAs and residents by providing visual assistance to manual grossing, histo-techs by reducing the number of cassettes to be proccesed, and pathologists by reducing the number of slides to be reviewed.

Improve accreditation compliance

InVision helps Centers of Excellence meet higher compliance standards stipulated by ACS Commission on Cancer.


Key Features

Key Features



InVision's waterproofed body is ready to sustain formalin, fat, bleach, and other chemicals.


InVision can be simply wiped down by a piece of paper towel after each case.


InVision is 12'' x 12'' x 5'' - can be easily fitted into any standard grossing benches.


InVision can be powered by swappable batteries or plugged into the wall.

Large viewing area

InVision can visualize tissue pieces with up to 8 cm x 6 cm in sizes at a time


InVision's imaging capability is completely real-time with no scanning/ waiting time.



InVision has a USB port which enables users to save images USB drives.


InVision uses low intensity infrared light that is completely safe for users and specimens.

About Cision Vision

Breakthrough technology

Cision Vision’s imaging technology was invented by Dr. Angela Belcher, the head of Bioengineering Department at MIT, and Jeremy Li, our CEO in 2020. Funded by the National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award, Cision Vision provides a brand-new type of infrared imaging that exploits the natural composition difference between lymph nodes and fat.

As an optical imaging technique, it is completely real-time and does not involve any radiation or injection, maximizing convenience for busy clinical environments.

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