InVision Hardware

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Invented by MIT scientists, designed by the best Pathologists' Assistants in the industry, InVision is an FDA registered benchtop infrared imaging device that helps visualize lymph nodes as the opposite color as the surrounding fat in real-time.

InVision drastically enhances lymph node grossing efficiency and accuracy without changing your existing workflow.

​Patent Pending

  • US 16/781,338 

  • WO 2020/163286

  • WO 2022/109143

  • U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 63/343,466

  • U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 63/343,471

Introducing InVision

Key Features


InVision's waterproofed body is ready to sustain formalin, fat, bleach, and other chemicals.


Invision can be cleaned in a snap with a paper towel after use.


InVision is 12'' x 12'' x 5'' - can be easily fitted into any standard grossing benches.

Battery Powered

InVision is powered by rechargeable battery cells and can be power via a wall plug


Large Viewing Area

InVision can visualize tissue pieces with up to 8 cm x 6 cm in sizes at a time

Real-time Imaging

InVision's imaging capability is completely real-time with no scanning/ waiting time.


Save Your Work

InVision includes a USB port enabling users to save images to a USB drive.


InVision uses low intensity infrared light completely safe for users and specimens.

Interested in checking out InVision in real clinical environments?