Seeing lymph nodes like never before 

Visualize lymph nodes in high contrast in real-time without any injection or radiation. 


Our Technology

Powered by next-gen infrared imaging technologies

Human Mesenteric Lymph Node

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Lymph node revealed in high contrast

About Cision 

Breakthrough technology

Cision Vision’s imaging technology was invented by Dr. Angela Belcher, the head of Bioengineering Department at MIT, and Jeremy Li, our CEO in 2020. It is a brand-new type of infrared imaging that exploits the natural composition difference between lymph nodes and fat.

As an optical imaging technique, it is completely real-time and does not involve any radiation or injection, maximizing convenience for busy clinical environments.

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Our Product Cision Vision

Improving the efficiency and accuracy of image node grossing 


Key Features

Visualizing the natural chemical composition contrast between lymph nodes and fat.


The shoebox-size design makes it is compatible with even the most space-limited labs;​


A battery-driven design allowing it to be moved in an out of the grossing bench when necessary;

Completely real-time imaging without any scanning time;




Seeing lymph nodes as the opposite color as the surrounding fat; Seeing hemorrhage- stained fat as clear fat;

If needed, lymph node images can be saved to local disks and integrated into pathology reports.


Our Mission


You spoke, We listened.

Throughout the journey of creating this product, we have interviewed more than 400 Pathologists’ Assistants, pathologists, residents, and other clinicians. Our product is made for the PAs and by the PAs. Multiple opinion leaders, including Prof. Mary Mattes from Rosalind Franklin University, Prof. Rob Cottrell from Quinnipiac University, and many others, have been offering tremendous support to us right from the beginning. With the tremendous help and warmth that we received from the community, we are determined to improve the  accuracy and efficiency of cancer care around the world.


Meet Our Team


Jeremy Li, PhD

Co-founder and CEO

Jeremy is a serial inventor with a PhD degree from the University of Notre Dame and postdoc experience at MIT. He has dedicated more than 15 years of his career to medical innovation with breakthrough optical imaging technologies. His previous invention was licensed by Bruker Instruments and became the foundational IP of Photothermal Spectroscopy Corps.


Zaid McAllister

Design Engineer 
Stemming from a lifelong obsession of new products, Zaid studied and practiced in both the technical and human factor fields of new product development. Zaid is currently leading the effort on mechanical engineering, industrial design, UL, EMC and electrical safety testing.

David Wilkerson

Chief Quality Manager

David brings more than a decade of quality management experience in biotech and medtech to the Cision Vision team. David has experience working in large pharmaceutical companies, such as Eli Lily. David is leading the effort of ISO 13485 certification, UL certification, and 510-k submissions.


Ashraf Wahba

Electrical/Software Engineer

Ashraf is an established engineer with expertise in both electrical engineering, particularly PCB designs, and software development, particularly embedded systems. Ashraf brings his decades of experiences in biotech companies, such as Roche and Lumina, to our Cision Vision team. Ashraf has a Master Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and an undergraduate degree in Washington University in St. Louis.
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Angela Belcher, PhD

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Advisor
Angela is the James Mason Crafts Professor in the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT. She is also the head of the Bioengineering Department at MIT, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and a MacArthur Fellow. Angela's research focuses on harnessing nature’s own processes to design materials and devices for medicine. 

Mary L. Mattes, MS, PA(ASCP)CM

Clinical Advisor

Mary is a Program Director, Assistant Professor and Pathologists' Assistant with over twelve years of clinical and academic experience. She is a leader in her field having been named as one of the Forty under 40 by the American Society of Clinical Pathology and strives to better the practice of anatomic pathology through innovation. 

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Mo Ayat

Software Engineer and Development Consultant 

Mohammad is an experienced and skilled product developer with over 16 years’ experience in developing market ready hardware, software, and firmware. He is a practiced researcher with considerable experience in both academic and industrial environments. Mohammad has been involved in development of several high tech and successful biomedical products in several countries. In Cision Vision, He is working on software part of the product.

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Xueming Qian, PhD

Business Advisor
Xueming is the president and founder of Transcenta Holdings (HKG:6628). Trained as a biochemist at the Albany Medical College in New York, Xueming grew his company from one person to a multi-billion dollar public company, developing innovative biologics in oncology, bone disorders and nephrology.