Our Journey

Our foundational technology was invented by Dr. Angela Belcher, the Head of the Bioengineering Department at MIT, and Dr. Jeremy Li. The manuscript is in the pipeline of being peer-reviewed by Nature Methods.

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From the beginning, we understood that a breakthrough scientific project is still far away from a meaningful clinical innovation. We need to truly understand the clinical need before we can provide clinical values to clinicians and patients. Therefore we applied for and was awarded the National Science Foundation I-Corps award - through which we interviewed 124 clinicians. Performing the interviews was an extremely rewarding learning experience. We dived into all the technical, clinical, and logistical details regarding providing care in the realm of lymph nodes. We deeply understood that unless we develop a product that fits perfectly with the clinical workflow and deliver clinical value in a cost-effective manner, our technology will not be adopted.


After the I-Corps experience,  being deeply involved with clinicians and taking as much input as possible from clinicians became our company core value. We have interviewed more than 600 clinicians, Pathologists' Assistants, pathologists, surgeons, oncologists, and many more. We also met with key opinion leaders on the weekly basis and many of them have used the earlier versions of our prototype. We went through than 10 iterations of our prototypes before we finalized our product design.


We are extremely grateful for the help and support that we received from the clinicians. After almost three years of hard work, we are finally introducing our first product. But we know that this is the beginning. We need you to join our mission to improve the accuracy of cancer staging for patients around the world. 

If you are interested in getting involved, please feel free to reach us at info@cisionvision.com. We look forward to discussing forming the future of cancer care with you!